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writing, editing,
and proofreading


Different kinds of
text require
different voices. A
business proposal,
an ad, and a
journal article will
differ not only in
content but in how
it is said.

But all voices
should have one
thing in common:



Clear Copy Editorial Services' owner and senior editor is Harvey McCloud. Harvey performs much of Clear Copy's work himself, and he oversees and closely monitors all work done by several highly skilled associates.

Before starting Clear Copy, Harvey spent six years doing text and table proofreading for a wide range of technical and scientific journals and seven years as owner and manager of a successful editorial services business (Word Shop) in Oregon. Along the way he taught logic, contemporary analysis, and traditional philosophy for four years at two universities.

All told, he has over 20 years of experience in the word business, including

  • writing books, book proposals, articles, newsletters, advertisements, marketing material, speeches, research reports, and web pages;
  • editing books, theses, dissertations, legal briefs, procedures manuals, and business proposals;
  • proofreading hundreds of articles for dozens of esteemed scientific journals such as Neuroscience and Ecology; and
  • researching and ghostwriting technical documents in a wide spectrum of fields, including pharmacology, sociolinguistics, educational psychology, and solid waste management.

The physical location of Clear Copy is beautiful Boise, Idaho, with its many expansive parks, miles of greenbelt along the Boise River, and countless hiking and biking trails in the majestic foothills that provide the city's backdrop. Yet we are an international company, with the majority of our clients coming from across the USA and countries such as Indonesia, Germany, and Greece.

That's about it about us. Now, how about you? Let us know in what ways we may assist you.

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