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Summary of Our Basic Services


Traditional proofreading (for typeset copy)     We mark deviations of your typeset copy from its source manuscript, query editorial errors, and help ensure attractive typography (e.g., by checking margins and word spacing).

Copy editing     We proofread your text for spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and consistent usage.

Substantive editing/Rewriting     We restructure and rework your text as needed to attain your desired qualities, such as clarity and impact. In some cases, this may involve considerable rewriting. We maintain close contact with you to insure we are capturing your intended meanings. We are able to edit both fiction and nonfiction texts in virtually any genre or subject area.

Writing     We write your text, working from your outline, notes, ideas, research, and/or interviews. Again, we stay in close contact with you throughout.

Research     We do library or web-based research for you in your area of interest. We can also help with research design, statistics, surveys, interpretation, and, of course, writing.

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