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Professional writing, editing, and proofreading



People in the communication business
should like to communicate

We do.

Talk to us about
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It's a snap to talk to us about your project. Your first step is to call us at 208-426-0772 or to fill out, without obligation, the brief job description form on our contact page. If you choose the second option, we'll reply promptly, always within 24 hours and usually sooner. You're welcome to attach a copy or sample of your text with your initial inquiry. This places no obligation on you or us.

If you have any questions about how best to send your text, just ask.

Turnaround time

Try to allow us as much time as possible for your project. Here are a couple of rough guidelines for some of our services:

  • Proofreading and copy editing    For small jobs (less than 10 standard pages), try to allow at least two days; for medium jobs (10-25 pages), two to four days; for larger jobs, let's talk about it.

  • Substantive editing and writing    For small jobs, try to allow at least four days; for medium jobs, a week; for larger jobs, let's talk about it.

Again, these are only guides. Sometimes we get overloaded and it may take us longer to complete a job, or we may even have to turn away work. On the other hand, in some cases we may be able to beat these estimates. We understand that this is the real world, and we try to remain flexible, consistent with maintaining high text standards. So even if your deadline is looming, contact us - we may be able to handle it.

Bottom line, talk to us. Let's discuss your needs and what's possible for us.


  • All work we do for you is held in strict confidence.

  • We do not sell or give away names or addresses of our customers.

  • In our marketing, we will cite you, your organization, or your website as our customer only with your express permission.

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