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Dave's ESL Cafe offers resources for ESL students, including the ESL Help Center, where students can post questions and get replies from English-language experts.

The Language Center at Brigham Young University - Hawaii provides online grammar and exercises based on CNN Newsroom and Worldview for ESL.

The Internet TESL Journal is a web journal with teaching ideas, lesson plans, classroom handouts, and other resources for ESL teachers.

Over 900 self-study quizzes,  crossword puzzles, and internet treasure hunts for ESL students are presented by the Internet TESL Journal.

ESL Blues offers a number of quizzes for ESL students. Each quiz is marked for level of difficulty.

Linguistic Funland has resources for TESL and TEFL (teachers of English as a second and as a foreign language), as well as activities and exercises for all English learners.


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