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The Quill Society is an online writing club for writers aged 12 to 24.

The Paradigm Online Writing Assistant is an online writing guide and handbook for experienced and inexperienced writers. Includes activities to help get your writing juices flowing.

Common Errors in English lists several hundred commonly misused words and word pairs.

Non-Sexist Language discusses alternatives to traditional usages that nowadays are generally considered to imply a male bias.

The Heteronym Homepage is devoted to words that are spelled the same but have different meanings.

This misspellings page gives a statistical rundown of spelling errors in "recent" (how recent is not clear) Usenet articles.

Word Safari Vocabulary Expeditions is an online game that helps you extend your vocabulary as you surf the web.

Word Central, by Merriam-Webster, includes a student dictionary, language-centered activities for kids, and resources for teachers.


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