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Clear Copy offers five basic services:

  • writing,
  • substantive editing/rewriting,
  • copy editing,
  • traditional proofreading, and
  • research

(For details on what each of these involves,  click here.)

We can deploy these services for you in many ways, in both electronic and print media. Here are a few examples.

For professionals, businesses, and organizations

Web pages    We can assist you with any aspect of your web text, from proofreading to text strategy and design. If you regularly update your site with new information, we can help insure the ongoing maintenance of your high text standards. We can even do the updating for you.

Technical documents    We've written and edited technical documents for government agencies, the forest products industry, engineers, educators, computer scientists, psychologists, and many others, and we've proofread hundreds of articles in numerous technical and scientific journals. Whatever your project, chances are we can handle it.

Sales and marketing materials    We've composed sales and marketing copy for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and publishers. Our best advertisement for such work is this website. If you like the way we put ourselves across here, you'll like what we do for you or your organization.

What else?    Just about any text project on your agenda.

For researchers and graduate students

Researchers    We can help you prepare your research for publication by editing your proposed journal article. In many cases we can even compose your article, working from your outline of objectives, methods, results, and conclusions and from style samples of your target journals. We'll stay in close contact with you as needed throughout the project to insure that your goals are met. Of course, all of our work for you is kept strictly confidential.

Graduate students    We can help transform your research and ideas into a well-structured, professionally edited thesis, dissertation, or research paper that meets your degree requirements. We've worked with many graduate students (sometimes also with their advisors), and we're proud that the theses and dissertations we edit are typically given high praise by the student's committee. We understand the challenge and importance of your completing your master's degree or Ph.D, and we'd like to help you succeed.

Personal services

We're delighted to work with individuals on personal projects. We can assist you with your personal web page, letter, resume, memoir, book idea, or most any text project. Contact us. Professional assistance is only an email or a phone call away.


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